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Bey & Rih: A Night Of Two Amazing Divas

Publié le 2020-12-13 18:53:17 Bey & Rih: A Night Of Two Amazing Divas
Check out my live set from twitch ( dedicated to these to R&B/Pop divas... BEYONCE & RIHANNA. #ItsNotAJoke

This live set features some of the best features, album cuts, b-sides, unreleased, exclusive music from Beyonce & Rihanna like What Now, Girl, 1+1, We Found Love, Love On Top, Man Down, Te Amo, No No No, Needed Me, Take A Box, Irreplaceable, Rude Boy, Crazy In Love, Bonnie & Clyde, Run This Town, Mine, Kiss It Better, End Of Time, Brown Skin Girl, Diamonds + MORE! ENJOY! 

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